Useful or beautiful, Midas Wealth presents some of the Best Design Books for Homes and Spaces that we think could benefit your design inspirations for the future.

Interior Design since 1900 | Anne Massey (2020)

If you want to know how design flows through art and history, this is the book. The book presents different design principles in time and places along with the description of the design, the reasons for the design and the historical background of such theoretical reasonings are further elaborated. From a creative standpoint, there are a lot of ideas that you can get from its pages that can be applied to your personal space. Should you find the book too daunting, it can always look good on a table.

Urban Pioneer | Sara Emslie (2017)

A modern design for the property. This good read shows the design contrasts between natural materials and monochrome backdrops. The book is based on interior design principles as seen in London where non-residential spaces have now been converted to places of habitation. Similar to Interior Design since 1900, there are images to help the reader understand modern design principles. This recommended read is perfect for those who plan to improve their homes with contemporary design.

Vivid with Color | Julia Green, Armelle Habib (2021) 

As the title suggests, this interior design reference is all about how the color affects design. This book has a spot in our recommended list for its explanation of the use and effect of color in home spaces. The chapters are named based on color and presented  examples of the color was made to adapt and compliment the room.